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UPDATE . . .

As predicted the candle in the pumpkin on whysoserious.com, the marketing site for "The Dark Knight," burned out.  Now there is a collection of icons which contain directions to places in cities all across the United States with a note that reads, "Hey clowns!  Ready to do what you're told?  First, don't start before daylight.  With a police force this corrupt, it's not safe to be out at night, and anyway, you won't be able to see the things you want to find.  Follow all of my directions to the letter and send photos of what you find.  I'll make it worth your while - I promise.  For what that's worth . . ."

The crazy (and genius) marketing efforts for Chris Nolan's follow up to "Batman Begins" continue.

UPDATE:  It turns out that it was a message after all.  "The only sensible way to live in the world is without rules."  They've added a new site to the marketing arsenal with a new message and task.  Check it out. 

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