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"The Darjeeling Limited" opens today in Little Rock at Market Street CinemaA.O. Scott of The New York Times writes, "'The Darjeeling Limited' amounts finally to a high-end, high-toned tourist adventure. I don’t mean this dismissively; it would be hypocritical of me to deny the delights of luxury travel to faraway lands. And Mr. Anderson’s eye for local color — the red-orange-yellow end of the spectrum in particular — is meticulous and admiring."   Pete Travers of Rolling Stone has the big love for the film, "The magically compelling Darjeeling Limited strikes me as the fullest blossoming yet of Anderson's talents as a total filmmaker."   Philip Martin of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette isn't as positive.  He writes, "The Darjeeling Limited, which is in some ways the least of his films and in some ways the least stilted. Usually it’s hard to identify the problems with Anderson’s films, but in this case it’s easy: Darjeeling isn’t as funny or wise as it needs to be."

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