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"Michael Clayton," the directorial debut of screenwriter Tony Gilroy who penned the "Bourne" series is, to date, the smartest film of the year.  The film follows a few short and intense days in the life of New York lawyer Michael Clayton ("George Clooney"), who works as a mister fix it; a "miracle worker" for clients at a high powered law firm.  During these days, the firm's lead counsel on a multi-billion dollar class action law suit goes nuts, Clayton becomes embroiled in financial turmoil, and the client faces an extraordinary crisis of conscience.  Clooney has never been better, not in "Syriana," or "O Brother Where Art Thou," or "Out of Sight."  He shares the screen with Tilda Swinton, Sydney Pollack and Tom Wilkinson, whose performance is on par with his Oscar-nominated turn in "In the Bedroom."

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