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The Oscar race has officially begun.  Today, Fox Searchlight (the studio behind "Little Miss Sunshine") sent For Your Consideration DVD's of "Once," "Waitress" and "The Namesake" to Academy and Golden Globe voters.  "A year ago, the company's "Little Miss Sunshine" opened in July. In an effort to remind voters of the road comedy's award credentials, Fox Searchlight sent out screeners of the film on Oct. 10, making it the first DVD sent to award voters that season. The film went on to be nominated for four Oscars, including best picture. It won two statuettes: best supporting actor for Alan Arkin and best original screenplay for Michael Arndt," reports the Los Angeles Times.

"Once" has enormous GG and Oscar potential.  That's right.  I think this small, beautiful music movie will finish among one of the best reviewed films of the year and certainly may sneak a GG "Best Comedy/Musical" nomination and a Best Original Song Oscar nod.  With some of the bigger films of the year taking on very emotional or violent subjects, some Academy voters may opt for "Once" in the Best Pic category.

I liked "Waitress" but the best it can hope for is a Keri Russell GG nom and maybe a best supporting nom for Andy Griffith (he's worthy).  I missed "The Namesake," but Armchair Critic loved it.  His opinion is mostly on the mark.  The film could score a best adapted screenplay nomination.

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