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It's not a very strong weekend for movies in Little Rock.  "Death Sentence" starring Kevin Bacon and John Goodman opens.  It registers a whopping 13% Cream of the Crop rating at rottentomatoes.com.  Desson Thompson of The Washington Post writes, "In "Death Sentence," Kevin Bacon may not be the baddest dad who ever cocked a shotgun to defend his family, but he's the most insanely resolute -- and the least understandable."  Lou Lumenick of The New York Post describes the film as "a very belated and very silly follow-up to "Death Wish.""

"Balls of Fury," which looks absolutely stupid is also here.  Kevin Crust of The Los Angeles Times notes, "Goodness, gracious, there's no greatness in "Balls of Fury," a lifeless pingpong comedy that ricochets from one flat gag to the next. The only novelty it can boast of is that it's a sports spoof without Will Ferrell."  The movie's rocking a strong 37% on Metacritic.  As my friend Matt O. would say, F@*% this movie.

Rob Zombie thought it was a good idea to remake "Halloween."  Why?  This movie is so sorry no one bothered to review it. 

"My Best Friend," which opens at Market Street Cinema is probably worth a look.  Robert Koehler of Variety thinks so.  "Patrice Leconte is in a light but thoughtful mood in "My Best Friend," a buddy movie that actually ponders the nature of what it is to be a buddy."

"Artic Tale," from the folks that brought you the delightful "March of the Penguins" also screens at Matt Smith's west Little Rock gem of a theater.  Ella Taylor of Village Voice writes, "A smarmy score, some orgiastic farting from a herd of walruses, and a modicum of cutesy anthropomorphism from narrator Queen Latifah prove a small price to pay for this stunningly photographed narrative documentary about a year in the endangered life of Arctic ice floe."

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