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Interested in doing some moviegoing this weekend in Little Rock?  "Paris je t'aime," a film I've been eagerly anticipating since 2006 has finally arrived.  Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post notes, ""Paris, je t'aime" builds into something quite wonderful."  Owen Glieberman of Entertainment Weekly writes, "Anthology films usually work better in theory than execution, but this feature parade of shorts is a blithe, worldly, and enchanting exception."   The film is showing at Market Street Cinema. 

Samuel L. Jackson gets rave reviews for his character in "Resurrecting the Champ."  Observes Duane Byrge of Hollywood Reporter, "Charged by a knock-out performance from Samuel L. Jackson, this compelling story of manly redemption will deliver a winning boxoffice combination of word of mouth and ultimately step outside the generic ring of sports lore."  The film sounds pretty weak, but Jackson may sneak into Best Actor consideration. 

"The Nanny Diaries" opened to disasterous reviews.  For the first time that I can recall, a film has registered a "0%" on the Rotten Tomatoes Cream of the Crop.  Scott Foundas of LA Weekly writes, "we get a half-cocked martyr movie about a plucky prole sticking it to the corrupt bourgeoisie: Joan of (Central) Park."  David Edelstein of New York Magazines opines, "The movie shouldn’t open in the Museum of Natural History but the Museum of the Moving Image—with a display of chick-flick clichés through the ages."  It appears Scarlett Johansson has landed another stinker, but fans of the book will show up.

"September Dawn," which has some Arkansas history wrapped up in it, also opens.  Check that, it too has a "0%" ranking on Rotten Tomatoes Cream of the Crop.  J. Hoberman of Village Voice rips it.  " Shot in a style that might be termed Americana gravitas, September Dawn has the ham-fisted lyricism of political ads and pharmaceutical commercials."  What has Jon Voight made in the last 5 years that has been tolerable?   And no, the answer isn't "National Treasure."

You can also catch "El Cantante" and "Mr. Bean's Holiday," although I don't know why you would. 


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