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When it was announced that Edward Norton would play the Hulk in "The Incredible Hulk" directed by Louis Leterrier, I commented that Norton must need a paycheck.  It turns out that Norton is taking the film very seriously.  At ComicCon, Norton, who flew in from shooting in Toronto, remarked that he had written (or should we say re-written the script).  The original script was credited to Zak Penn


If you believe what you read, Norton has a reputation for getting very involved in all aspects of the film, including editing.  My thought is that if Norton gets intimately involved in this film, it will be better.  While I agree that he can't bring his entire indy edge to the film, the darkness of the television show (and the comics) wasn't realized in Ang Lee's version a few years ago.  Hopefully's Norton can help with that.  "The Incredible Hulk" stars Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, Tim Blake Nelson and William Hurt.  A concept photo of the new Hulk is above.

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