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New York Magazine has a nice short piece on the growth of outdoor movies in New York.  You can watch a movie, as seen above, in Dumbo's Fulton-Ferry State Park beneath the Manhattan Bridge.  Movies also continue, as they have for more than fifteen years, in Bryant Park.  I was in Chicago last week and they run a popular free movie series in several city parks.  Interestingly, the City of Chicago Parks Department runs the program and picks up the tab.

So for all of those who bitch and moan about Little Rock not having a lot going, don't forget that Movies in the Park is bringing you a similar New York or Chicago movie experience.  Tha same can also be said of Nashville, Atlanta, D.C., Raleigh. . .the list goes on.

While we're a long way from where we need to be, we're getting closer with every new project (count the Little Rock Film Festival as an important addition).  And please note that both of these projects were developed by private citizens under the age of 35.

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