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Several months ago I reviewed George Hickenlooper's film "Factory Girl" about the rise and fall of art house film star Edie Segwick.  I thought the film was a disaster.  It appeared rushed and often times incoherent.  Sienna Miller played Sedgwick, and several internet sites hyped her as a Best Actress candidate.  Obviously, that didn't happen.  The New York Times had a story in the Sunday edition about this film, noting, "it’s a tale of how tensions between behind-the-scenes financiers and filmmakers, a frantic push for awards glory and the horrendous influence of bad buzz can doom a movie before it even opens."  The Times furthers opines, "The new version confirms the mixture of empathy (for Sedgwick) and cold-eyed appraisal (of Warhol) evident in the theatrical version. And it confirms the extraordinary power of Ms. Miller’s fearless performance, as well as deepens the storytelling." 

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