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If you've been to see "Transformers," you noticed the very curious preview for a film only identified as "from J.J. Abrams."  The preview shows a giant explosion in New York followed by deafening howls from an unidentified creature.  The film is called "Cloverfield" and it revolves around a monster attack in New York.  The film has been under super-heavy secrecy.  Casting involved calls to agents.  No scripts were sent out, and people were merely asked if they wanted to be in a movie.  Eventually a cast, made up mostly of relative unknowns, was put together; it includes Michael Stahl-David ("The Black Donnellys"), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel ("Supercross") and Lizzy Kaplan ("The Class").  The film is directed by Matt Reeves, who co-created "Felicity" with Abrams, and is written by Drew Goddard, who has worked with Abrams on "Lost" and "Alias."  It releases January 18, 2008.

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