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I've blogged more about box office numbers in the past week than I have in a long time.  It seems that "Transformers" surpassed $150 million, which is impressive considering how truly bad it is.  "Ratatouille," which I finally saw on Sunday (and liked) brought in an impressive $29 million to eclipse the $100 million mark.  David Poland on his Hot Blog notes that the $17 million to date for "License to Wed" is actually pretty good considering the trashing it received from the critics.  I would agree.  "Evan Almighty" remains only $100 million away from making it's budget.  Ha!  "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" passed the $300 million domestic mark, and made it's budget.  Werner Herzog's "Rescue Dawn" opened on 6 screens and made a whopping $17,000+ per screen. From the looks of it, theater owners are yanking "A Mighty Heart," which forces the inevitable question: will poor box office numbers negate an Oscar nomination for Angelina Jolie?  I  say no, but we'll see. 

Also "Zodiac," one of my sleepers for Best Picture, arrives on DVD July 24th.  It made only $33 million at the box office, but I have a feeling that it will find a serious following on disc. 

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