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Enjoying your Fourth of July?  I caught a screening of "Live Free or Die Hard" this afternoon at the Rave.  Wow.  I've never seen a complex that crowded.  I drove around for 10 minutes before I found a parking place.  The theater was packed.  I thought about a double-header, but the 4:15 "Transformers" was sold out.  Like I said, big crowds. 

As for "Live Free or Die Hard," I thought it was shoot em up, blow em up fun.  Bruce Willis is great, although the lack of f-bombs took some getting used too.  Timothy Olyphant played a great 21st century cyber-villain and Justin Rose's hacker/geek/sidekick with far less whiny than I expected.  Even Kevin Smith is tolerable.  Surprisingly, I liked everything about this film. 


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