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It's official.  "Evan Almighty," the Steve Carell follow up to "Bruce Almighty" is a flop.  With a production budget estimated at well over $200 million, making it the most expensive comedy in history, "Almighty" managed to generate a mere $32.1 million at the box office despite being in over 3,602 theatres nationwide.  The per theatre average was $8,910, putting it ahead of everyone else (except "Sicko" which opened in 1 theatre in New York and still made $70K) in a probably the weakest weekend of the blockbuster summer.  I don't see much hope for "Evan Almighty."  Next week, kids film "Ratatouille" and "Live Free or Die Hard" both open in wide release.  I reviewed the box office numbers for the first time in a few weeks.  "Shrek the Third" crossed the $300 million mark this weekend.  "Spider-Man 3" is still making a little money and stands at $332.5 million, comfortably above it's $250 million price tag.  "Pirates 3" is at $287 million, creeping towards it's $300 million price tag.  "Knocked Up," the Judd Apatow hit has $108 million in the bank, well above it's $30 million price tag.  More credit goes to Matt Smith at Little Rock's Market Street Theater.  He still has "Away from Her" the brilliant Sarah Polley film that has only been released in 121 theaters nationwide.  It's made a little over $4 million this summer. 

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