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Do you ever wonder what films would be like with a different cast?  Here's an opportunity to think about it.  News.com.au has a list of films and actors that passed on key roles.  For example, Kate Hudson passed on the role of Mary Jane in "Spider-Man" to make "The Four Feathers."  Bad decision.  Bill Murray turned down the Steve Carrell role in "Little Miss Sunshine."  Burt Reynolds could have been Han Solo if he wanted it.  Nick Nolte as Indiana Jones?  Kate Winslet passed on Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar-winning role in "Shakespeare in Love."  Michelle Pfeiffer as Clarice in "Silence of the Lambs"?  Robert Redford as Ben Braddock in "The Graduate"?  Richard Gere or Warren Beatty as Gordon Gekko?  They both turned down the role.  Above, Meg Ryan, who passed on the Sharon Stone role in "Basic Instinct."


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