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"Ocean's Thirteen" is the latest summer blockbuster to hit the big screen.  Critics I like and trust seemed to really enjoy the film.  Manohla Dargis of The New York Times writes, "The third time really is a charm."  David Edelstein of New York Magazine notes, "It's so money!  It's so fun!"  Pete Travers of Rolling Stone, in his 3-star review, lobs high praise on Brad Pitt's performance, "In Ocean's Thirteen, Pitt is not out to prove himself. He's a star, baby, and in the highest praise one gambler can pay another in this class act of a caper movie, he's worthy to shake Sinatra's hand." 


Dana Stevens of Slate.com admits, "the Ocean movies aren't about plot, logic, or character development. They're spa experiences, two-hour-long immersions in a warm tub of Vegas (and Vegas-movie) nostalgia. . . Surrendering to Ocean's 13's pleasurable surfaces—the green of the gaming tables, the deft, volleying banter, the admirable cut of Clooney's jib—is sort of like admitting your attraction to a luxury brand: Sure, those alligator loafers are extravagant nonsense, but they feel so nice on your feet."


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