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"Liberal and Proud" wants to know what I think about "Transformers," the Michael Bay-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced live action adaptation of the animated series of the 1980's.  My initial thoughts are, absent the trailers exposing the only exciting scenes in the film, this could be a wildly entertaining and visually astounding ride.  Shia LeBeouf is a strong young actor (rent "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" rather than waiting for "Disturbia").  TV actor Megan Fox ("Hope & Faith") makes the leap to the big screen.  John Turturro, Jon Voight (voice), and Bryan Cox (voice) all appear in the film.  Robert Orci & Alex Kutzman who teamed up for "Mission: Impossible III," wrote the script.  Steven Spielberg is on board as the executive producer.  All of those things give me hope.

But here's the thing.  If anyone can royally f*** up a film, it's Michael Bay.  He's absolutely awful.  Seriously, "The Island," "Bad Boys II" and "Pearl Harbor" are the only films he's made this millenium.  So I am very skeptical, to say the least.

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