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I'm back up and around and seeing movies again.  I saw "Shrek the Third," finally, and was thoroughly disappointed.  I didn't find it funny in the least.  But it's what I expected, I suppose.  I saw "Waitress" and found it to be delightful.  It made me hungry.  "Knocked Up" is crazy funny, but too long.  "Mr. Brooks," a film I saw a few days ago, still has me thinking.  It's terrifying, and reminded me of "The History of Violence".  That, and William Hurt is in both films.  It's peculiar that this film, which also contains a impressive performance from Kevin Costner, was released in the early summer.  No one's going to see it, what with "Ocean's Thirteen" opening on Friday.  "Mr. Brooks" generated $9 million at the box office last weekend.  Impressive, no doubt, but it's going to have to hope for strong buzz on the web, and a strong DVD marketing campaign.  William Hurt is outstanding and it will be a shame if his performance gets lost among the garbage this summer. 

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