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I've been away from the blog for a few days as I try and get back into the swing of things in real life.  Nevertheless, the summer season continues with a film I've been eagerly anticipating.  Because of my back issues, I missed the screening of "Knocked Up" at the Little Rock Film Festival.  It opens in wide release today and the reviews rock.

A.O. Scott of The New York Times writes, "It may be a bit, um, premature to say so, but Judd Apatow’s “Knocked Up” strikes me as an instant classic, a comedy that captures the sexual confusion and moral ambivalence of our moment without straining, pandering or preaching."  Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal agrees, "Judd Apatow's high-density, high-intensity comedy of bad (and good) manners is a cause for celebration -- the laugh lines are smart, and they come faster than you can process them."  Dana Stevens of Slate observes, "It's one of those zeitgeist-tapping romantic comedies that feels like a generational marker, a Tootsie or The Graduate for the 21st century."  Philip Martin of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette says, "Knocked Up is a thrilling piece of work - a character study rooted in adulty reality that's the funniest film since, uh, what?  Maybe The Aristocrats.  Maybe Animal House.  Maybe Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Maybe ever."

The film has a 96% Cream of the Crop rating at Rottentomatoes.com.  Also, Little Rock, Arkansas native Cissy Tucker served as the lead Production Assistant on the film.  Look for her name in the end credits. 

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