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The boys are back in "Ocean's Thirteen" which screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.  Variety's Todd McCarthy writes, "As smooth as a good mojito, as stylish as an Armani suit and as meaningful in the grand scheme of things as yesterday's Las Vegas betting odds, "Ocean's Thirteen" continues the breezy good times of the first two series entries without missing a beat." 


In the year of third installments, it's a pleasant surprise if this film is decent considering what's happened thus far.  "Spider-man 3" was awful.  "Shrek the third" was tired by most accounts (and outpaced at the box office by "Once" if you look at per-screen averages) and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" is getting cooked by critics (it currently has a 45% Cream of the Crop rating at rottentomatoes.com).  Peter Travers of Rolling Stone writes, "Producer Jerry Bruckheimer does deserve a shoutout: It takes a kind of genius to sucker audiences into repeatedly buying the same party tricks. Know what? There really is no legit way to review Pirates 3. It's not a movie at all, it's a business proposition."


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