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Gus Van Sant's latest film "Paranoid Park" screened yesterday morning in competition at the Cannes Film FestivalManohla Dargis of The New York Times observes, "With “Paranoid Park,” an intimate character study of an accidental killer, Gus Van Sant has returned to Cannes with one of the most moving and delicately felt films of his fascinating career. . .The film’s visual beauty is so striking — in one shot Alex skateboards against a midnight-blue light, framed by glossy green shrubbery — that it takes a while to appreciate that the images are doing most of the narrative work."


Variety's Todd McCarthy writes, ""Paranoid Park" is a deeply subjective portrait of a teenager's state of denial about a death he has inadvertently caused. Through immaculate use of picture, sound and time, the director adds another panel to his series of pictures about disaffected, disconnected youth."  Kirk Honeycutt of Hollywod Reporter calls "Paranoid Park" "one of his best movies yet, recapturing the magic of his fine earlier works such as "Mala Noche" and "Drugstore Cowboy.""

Andrew O'Hehir of Salon comments that "Paranoid Park" is  "a visually lovely, semi-experimental riff on Dostoevski's "Crime and Punishment" that has almost no point of contact with actual human existence."

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