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Nigel Andrews writing for The Financial Times, discusses the evolution of the Cannes Film Festival and the characteristics that make it such an exciting and memorable festival year in and year out.  "The greatest attribute of Cannes is that it exists, or convinces us it does, outside time and space. It is lightning in a bottle, and we attendees are in the bottle with the lightning. For 12 days we live in a separate reality. Although as journalists we communicate with our newspapers by phone or e-mail, we have no sense that human life actually goes on outside Cannes. You must think of those space movies where astronauts lose contact with Earth; or where, separated by light years, their eyes perceive an Earth that may already have vanished. When lost in Cannes I envision my FT colleagues, if at all, as shimmering faces barking from fuzzy screens, their voices and images breaking up as I once more try to present my reasonable case that I haven’t yet had time to see anything, having been detained by the need to eat three lunches a day."

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