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The film festival season is upon us.  With Tribeca and Cannes openining over the next two weeks, and Sundance and SXSW behind us, we're going to begin to get a sense about some of the must see films this year.  And we'll also start hearing about some new voices on the scene (Arkansan Jeff Nichols is one) as well as some recurring young voices (Arkansan David Gordon Green is another).  Cannes, argues Agnes Poirier in The Guardian, is the premiere film festival in the world because "In its 60 years, Cannes has managed to keep its identity intact and resist rampant commercialism. I'm obviously not talking of the parallel circus going on around diamond-laden and scantily clad stars walking up the famous red carpet each evening. I'm talking about films."

And after these two festivals wrap, the first annual Little Rock Film Festival debuts May 17-20 under the direction of doucmentarians Craig and Brent Renaud.  I'm hearing that more than 40 films will be offered over the 4-day festival as well as some interesting panels.

And then in September, comes the Toronto International Film Festival, the largest film festival in the world which will have hundreds and hundreds of pictures.  It's also the most democratic of the big festivals.  If you're willing to wait in line, you don't need a VIP pass to see many of the films.

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