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I saw the preview for "Fracture" a few months ago when I was sitting in the theatre preparing to watch "Breach" the Robert Hanssen bio-pic starring Chris Cooper which turned out to be a fine film.  "Fracture," though, appeared to have all the makings of another cliche-driven legal drama: the kind of film that reminds you more of something that might star Keanu Reeves than Oscar-nominee Ryan Gosling.  I did not see an advanced screening of the film, but the reviews are in and they are very positive.  Stephen Hunter of The Washington Post writes, "As a vehicle for two fine actors, Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling, it's at its best." David Edelstein of New York Magazine notes, "What makes Fracture hum is the way Hopkins bares his teeth, twitches his nostrils, and trains his shiny pinprick Lecter eyes on his co-star." 

Dana Stevens of Slate says, "Anyone who can credibly threaten to steal a movie from Anthony Hopkins has seriously got it going on. Fracture (New Line Cinema) may be remembered as the movie that brought Ryan Gosling into the mainstream (just as Primal Fear, director Gregory Hoblit's 1996 feature debut, introduced audiences to a young Edward Norton). Gosling's wily delivery and loose-limbed charm are already familiar to those who caught his Oscar-nominated performance in last year's indie film Half Nelson, as well as to the female fans who swooned over the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook. But casting Gosling opposite Hopkins in a big-budget legal thriller is clearly Hollywood's way of saying, "Here he is folks: the next big thing."

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