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David Fear of Time Out remembers the New York Grindhouse scene in anticipation of the release of the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film "Grindhouse" which will be released nationwide tomorrow.

"The floors were sticky. The seats were worn down to the springs. The smell was a combination of buttered popcorn and bodily fluids. In the back row, someone might be in a heated argument with a fellow patron—or getting a $5 hand job. Sometimes, a rat would scurry past your leg. Onscreen, any number of sordid acts, seedy pleasures or splatterrific gore played to a crowd that expected extremities at every turn; should the features not deliver the kind of to-the-limit thrills the customers demanded, no one in the audience would be shy about loudly—and profanely—speaking his or her mind.

"This was grindhouse: run-down, all-night Times Square movie theaters known for showing double and triple bills of cinema’s less reputable output—imported kung fu flicks, soft-core Eurosleaze, women-in-prison dramas, Mondo shockumentaries and any number of other genres known for lurid allure."

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