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Early reviews are out of "Grindhouse" the double feature by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.  Todd McCarthy of "Variety" says, "The 1970s exploitation movie gropes, bites, kicks, slugs, blasts, smashes and cusses its way back to life in "Grindhouse," a "Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature" that lovingly resurrects a disreputable but cultishly embraced form of era-specific film production and exhibition." 

Kirk Honeycutt of "Hollywood Report" notes, "Rodriguez fulfills his end of the bargain by turning in a deliberately bad zombie horror movie, "Planet Terror," with overzealous acting, paper-thin characters, scratches and splotches everywhere and absurdly fake gore. Bodies crumble with remarkable ease and gushing blood looks like raspberry jelly.  But Tarantino ("Death Proof") cheats. He actually makes a good movie."

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