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"The Lookout" is the film to see this weekend (that is if if you've already seen "The Lives of Others").  Robert Wilonsky of Village Voice writes, "Gordon-Levitt's worth the admission all by his lonesome. He's that good—the proverbial young man with an old soul who brings unexpected depth, complexity, and sincerity to what could have been just another damaged-guy role. He's the one to look out for."   Pete Travers of Rolling Stones agrees.  "Now, in a knockout directing debut, Frank cooks up his own mischief. The web he spins will pull you in. Guaranteed."  David Edelstein of New York Magazine admits, "Frank’s writing is razor-sharp, his filmmaking whistle-clean. As a fan of sharp razors and clean whistles, I enjoyed The Lookout—yet I did feel let down by the climax, which ought to have been blunter and messier and crazier and more cathartic. It sounds churlish, I know."  Kenneth Turan of the LA Times confirms, "Director Scott Frank brings a writer's ear for language to 'The Lookout,' a skillful thriller."The LOOKOUT" is a writer's thriller. True, it's cleanly and efficiently directed, and it showcases some crackerjack acting, but the reason it's a real pleasure to watch is that a writer's sensibility is the foundation everything is built on."  Philip Martin of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette describes the film as "one where nearly every scene stands on its own, with complex, believable characters who talk like real people (only a little smarter and funnier). And there isn’t a false performance in the bunch."

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