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"Blades of Glory," the new comedy starring Will Ferrell and John Heder opens to generally positive reviews.  Stephen Hunter of The Washington Post writes, "The endless hilarity is visual: those awkward, self-conscious male bodies, ill-formed and quaking with reluctance, thrown into a gossamer flutter of swanlike routines, clumsily syncopating themselves to the fantasy that they are light and graceful when, as all can see and laugh at, they are hopeless, clueless and graceless. To see seemingly reg'lar guys utterly stripped of dignity and defense is cruel enough, but crueler still is the laughter that you cannot seem to stop from rupturing your lungs and aorta."  John Anderson, writing for Variety, calls this film "the triple axel of comedy."  Stephen Holden of the New York Times writes, "It comes as a huge relief to find that as “Blades of Glory” speeds along, it avoids going to the obvious, ugly place for cheap laughs." 

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