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It appears that this "Shooter" movie starring the very talented Mark Wahlberg is going to be worth a look this crowded weekend.  With the "Lives of Others" finally showing up and Mike Binder's "Reign Over Me" as well as some important basketball games, I thought "Shooter" would fall off my radar.  Manohla Dargis notes, "Muscles bulge and heads explode in “Shooter,” a thoroughly reprehensible, satisfyingly violent entertainment about men and guns and things that go boom (heads, mostly). Did I mention the exploding heads? It is an admittedly primitive pleasure, but I do love watching stuff blow up in movies (heads, not so much). There is something unaccountably gratifying, at times reassuring about watching the screen — the bigger the better — become engulfed by surging waves of liquid orange, in the image of a car exploding into the air like a rocket, in a room, a building, a boat, a truck, you name it, shattering into confetti."

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Style Editor Karen Martin observes, "Shooter has everything a thriller fan could ask for - explosions, car chases, shootouts and daring physical feats, a complicated conspiracy, and a star (Mark Wahlberg) with a perfect balance of thuggishness and charisma."  But Martin says the film doesn't live up to much because director Antoine Fuqua doesn't trust his audience.

Martin also chats it up with Wahlberg.


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