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So its the end of Sunday and the end of my weekend.  I didn't get to see "Becket," but I did finally catch "The History Boys."  I did not see the play, but I found the film enjoyable.  Frances de la Tour and Richard Griffiths were both superb.  For some reason, the folks managing Market Street Cinema turned up the lights just as the end credits were rolling.  What's up with that?  I watched "Casino Royale" tonight for the first time on DVD.  Still good.  Ate some delicious food: scallops, salmon cake, guatemalan beans, roasted potatoes, bottle of pinot noir.  Many thanks to my moviegoing friend for the salmon cake and roasted potatoes.  Delicious.  It's a wild week at the office so I'm not sure what I'll get to see.  Possibly "Becket" and hopefully "Breaking and Entering."  "Reign Over Me" starts Friday.  Absolutely thrilled. 

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