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Thank you 2006, and good night


2006, the year in movies, has officially come to end.  Since this isn't an Oscar site like say or, I'm not going anywhere for three or four months.  I'll be right here talking about the difficult post-Oscar release schedule which will include more crap that's not worth your money or your time.  That said, since I released my 2006 Top 10 on New Year's Eve, I've seen a dozen or so films that have caused my Top 10 to change.  Assuming I can see "The Lives of Others" this weekend (it is scheduled to be released on Friday at Market Street), then I'll post a final 2006 Top 10 and close the books on the year once and for all.  I'm giving up on "Little Children."  I have no doubt that I would love the film, but it's not coming out here anytime soon.  It will be on DVD in April and I suppose I will see it then.  It will always remain one of the most curious release strategies ever.

I don't have any lingering Oscar thoughts after my play-by-play last night.  Scorsese won and I am pleased. 

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