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P. Martin on Eddie Murphy


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He reaps high praise for his performance in "Dreamgirls."  I'll agree, Murphy was fantastic.  But look at his last 10 and tell me what the hell this guy was thinking?

"Norbit," "Dreamgirls," "Shrek 2," "The Haunted Mansion," "Daddy Day Care," "I Spy," "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," "Showtime," "Dr. Doolittle 2," "Shrek."

3/10 (and two of them voice performances in "Shrek," and "Shrek 2").  

Check out this piece in the Los Angeles Times about how the release of "Norbit" may sink his Oscar hopes.  I called this some time ago. 

This will be the second biggest drama of Oscar night.  The first is whether Peter O'Toole will snag the Best Actor Oscar over Forest Whitaker who may have torpedoed his own chances with two horrendous acceptance speeches at the GG and SAG awards.


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