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What's in your queue?


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I've been a little spastic lately with my DVD viewing.  I went with "The Age of Innocence" this week because I was feeling Socorsese nostalgia.  It's not one of his best, but it's still a fine film.  I've got "Convicts" with Robert Duvall and written by Horton Foote who wrote the screenplay for "To Kill a Mockingbird."  I've also got an old Mary Steenburgen film "Cross Creek" in my queue along with Hitchcock's Orson Welles (yes, I was drinking when I wrote that and Carol Reed directed it)"The Third Man."

I'm eagerly anticipating another go round with "Half Nelson," which is out in 2 weeks and to see "Flags of Our Fathers," which I missed for a slew of petty reasons (I was a big fan of "Iwo Jima" in spite of my Eastwood issues). 



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