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Early mornings



I was awake early this morning.  That's not unusual, really, but because it was still dark I decided to take in a film that I saw once, several years ago, and never absorbed.  "Iris" starring Judi Dench, Kate Winslet and Jim Broadbent about the novelist Iris Murdoch who succumbs to Alzheimer's.  I was captivated by the performances, especially of Broadbent who went on to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Oscar.  Hugh Bonneville also holds his own and its remarkable how much he and Broadbent appear alike (Broadbent plays the older of the same John Bayley character).  The script was adapted from Bayley's two books "Iris: A Memoir" and "Elegy for Iris."  James Horner scored the film, which is one of its most enjoyable aspects. 

Isn't this why we have Netflix?  Speaking of that, what's in your queue.  I've got an early Mary Steenburgen film "Cross Creek" and an Robert Duvall's "Convicts" also coming to me.



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