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Meryl Streep hears our cry



I could not believe it.  Sitting there last night and watching Meryl Streep accept her award for Best Actress in Comedy or Musical chide movie house managers for not screening many of the years best films.  If Meryl Streep can't see them, there's a problem.  She commented about films like "Volver," "Little Children," "Pan's Labyrinth," "The Last King of Scotland" and others that never made it theatres.  "It's amazing what you can get when you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it," Streep said.

So for those of you that are pissed about the lack of quality movies coming to major cinema houses in Arkansas, I urge you to call theatre managers wherever they hide and "quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand" that they show them.  I'm on your side and so is Meryl Streep.


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