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A worthy debate



I'll post my Top 10 of 2006 as well as some thoughts on movies in general on New Year's Eve, but I'll go ahead and disclose that there were many movies I did not get to see this year.  It's unfortunate, as I noted yesterday, that Little Rock does not do more to get these films.  I shouldn't have to schedule a trip to New York each December to see all the great films Little Rock cinema house managers are too scared to screen.  That said, I will.

Armchair critic and I have been talking about the movies we're most impatient to see.  Here's his list (more or less in order): 1) Letters from Iwo Jima; 2) The History Boys; 3) Volver; 4) The Lives of Others; 5) Pan's Labyrinth; 6) Little Children; 7) The Last King of Scotland; 8) Indigines (Days of Glory); 9) Venus; 10) Notes on a Scandal; 11) The Good German; 12) Miss Potter

Here's my list (in order): 1) Little Children; 2) Pan's Labyrinth; 3) Letters from Iwo Jima; 4) The Last King of Scotland; 5) The Death of Mr. Lazarescu; 6) Volver; 7) Children of Men; 8) The Painted Veil; 9) The Iraq Documentaries (Iraq in Fragments, The War Tapes); 10) Venus; 11) The Lives of Others; 12) Three Times; 13) Deliver Us from Evil; 14) Our Brand is Crisis; 15) Army of Shadows

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