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Catching up



I saw "Dreamgirls" yesterday and I'm still getting my head around it.  I didn't like it nearly as much as my moviegoing friend.  It's not that it's a bad movie, it's not.  There's very little reason to critique Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy.  They're both fabulous.  Beyonce holds her own opposite Jamie Foxx.  The music is great (thanks in large part to Hudson), but there's nothing in between.  A lot of glimmer and glam, but little substance.  The plot is underdeveloped, a problem of writing and directing. 

I mentioned that I saw "We are Marshall," but I also gave in and saw "Rocky Balboa."  Well, after the first hour or so of Rocky talking about I'm not sure what, it turned into a rather pleasant film (which is to mean that the training montage and the actual fight were well choreographed).  It's no "Rocky" but even that "Rocky," which was listed on the National Film Registry this week, wasn't that good (at least not as good as "Taxi Driver").  Rocky had one last fight in him.  But only one.  Thankfully, this franchise has come to an end.

I've got "Heading South" and "Water" to see tonight and tomorrow.  I'm still holding out hope that "Little Children," "Volver," "Pan's Labyrinth," or "The Last King of Scotland" will show up here on Friday.  Waste of time, probably. 

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