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Here are a few as a result of the past week: 

Come Early Morning Premiere.  The "Come Early Morning" premiere was a good event.  Several hundred people, including actor Ray McKinnon, author Kevin Brockmeier, and Ms. Adams herself attended, among others.  Hopefully the OA raised some cash for their upcoming "Movie" issue and compendium DVD.  The movie is very good.  Ahsley Judd is great.

The Golden Globe noms.  Several critical omissions: Michael Sheen ("The Queen"), Bill Condon  ("Dreamgirls"), Abagail Breslin ("Little Miss Sunshine") immediately come to mind.  The Hollywood Foreign Press has been labeled starfu**ers the past few years (see Kris Tapley's, which some say is the reason "Bobby" was nominated at all.  They wanted every member of that cast at their party.  I still think double nominations are stupid. Clint should have been nominated once.  Same for Leo. 

Where the hell are all the good movies?  Come on Little Rock.  We're still without "The Last King of Scotland," "Little Children," "Volver," and "Sherrybaby" Several notable documentaries are also unseen in our town including "Deliver Us From Evil."  

Late release dates.  "Pan's Labyrinth," "Venus," "The Painted Veil," "Letters from Iwo Jima," and "Notes on a Scandal" open in limited release (NY/LA) late in December so that they are eligible for Oscar consideration.  They won't go wide until several weeks later.  Thumbs down, whoever's responsible.

"The Holiday."  The one won't appear on any Top 10's, but its a sweet movie a la "The Family Stone."  If you're going to see a holiday movie this season, this is the one to see.

Top 10's.  I love them.  I generally look for a few key ones each year: Kenneth Turan (LA Times), A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis (NY Times), David Edelstein (NY Magazine) as well as Philip Martin's of the Dem Gaz, our friend Sam of LR, and my friend Chai from Houston via Little Rock via NYU film school, to name a few.  You'll see mine here if not elsewhere before the end of the year.

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