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P. Martin's SEFCA ballot



Everything but Best Picture, which you can read about in the Dem-Gaz on Christmas Eve.  From his blog.

Best Foreign Language Film
1. Volver
2. Pan's Labyrinth
3. L'Enfant

Best Director
1. Martin Scorsese- The Departed
2.Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu — Babel
3.Pedro Almodovar — Volver

Best Actor
1. Forest Whitaker — Last King of Scotland
2. Ryan Gosling — Half Nelson
3. Peter O'Toole — Venus

Best Actress
1. Helen Mirren - The Queen
2. Ashley Judd — Come Early Morning
3. Penelope Cruz — Volver

Best Supporting Actor
1. Ray Winstone — The Proposition
2. Sergei Lopez — Pan’s Labyrinth
3. Jack Nicohlson — The Departed

Best Supporting Actress
1. Kikuchi Rinko — Babel
2.Cate Blanchett — Notes on a Scandal
3. Catherine O’Hara – For Your Consideration

Best Original Screenplay
1. Guillermo Arriaga — Babel
2. Peter Morgan — The Queen
3. Joey Lauren Adams — Come Early Morning

Best Adapted Screenplay
1. Jason Reitman, Thank You for Smoking
2.William Monahan, The Departed
3. Todd field & Tom Perotta, Little Children

Best Documentary
1. Our Brand is Crisis
2. Neil Young: Heart of Gold
3. The Heart of the Game

Best Animated Film
1. A Scanner Darkly
2. Cars
3. Flushed Away

Wyatt Awar (for the Best "Southern" film):
Come Early Morning

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