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'Come Early Morning'



Is out in theatres today.  The premiere last night at Market Street Cinema was nice.  I went to an early party and then the film, which occupied three theatres.  The post-party at Cornerstone was an added touch.  The was even better the second time.

P. Martin weighed in on it in today's Democrat Gazette,

. . . Come Early Morning is nothing less than a minor key wonder of a film, a character study of novelistic complexity with a sure sense of place and purpose that seems akin to movies made before Hollywood discovered its corporate destiny. . .

Come Early Morning is not simply presentable.  It is a fine, assured work that is well-observed and at times quite wise about the way people sabotage and rescue themselves.  It is a movie we can be proud of because it represents us honestly and with an uncommon depth of human feeling.

The film has a 94% Cream of the Crop rating on rottentomatoes.com. 

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