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P. Martin likes 'Casino Royale,' 'The Queen'



On Casino Royale,

. . . While [Sean] Connery is still the Bond, Daniel Criag is probably the best actor ever to take on the role, and the thuggish, athletic 007 he portrays in Casino Royale is the perfect device to reboot the series.  It's a terrific animalistic portrayal - more Steve McQueen than Cary Grant, closer to the bone. . .

On The Queen,

. . . At first glance, The Queen might seem to be what used to be called a "docu-drama," a queasy-making hybrid of putative documentary fact and speculation performed by look-alike actors.  But it's actually quite wonderful; delicious and full of subversive spirit, one of the year's best films and probably the means by which Helen Mirren obtains a Best Actress Oscar . .

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