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'Casino Royale' hits theatres Friday



Early reviews from the trades are strong.  It stars Daniel Craig as Bond as well as Judi Dench and Jefferey Wright. 

From Variety:

For once, there is truth in advertising: The credits proclaim Daniel Craig as "Ian Fleming's James Bond 007," and Craig comes closer to the author's original conception of this exceptionally long-lived male fantasy figure than anyone since early Sean Connery. "Casino Royale" sees Bond recharged with fresh toughness and arrogance, along with balancing hints of sadism and humanity, just as the fabled series is reinvigorated by going back to basics. The Pierce Brosnan quartet set financial high-water marks for the franchise that may not be matched again, but public curiosity, lack of much high-octane action competition through the holiday season and the new film's intrinsic excitement should nonetheless generate Bond-worthy revenue internationally.

From Hollywood Reporter:

What a relief to escape the series' increasing bondage to high-tech gimmicks in favor of intrigue and suspense featuring richly nuanced characters and women who think the body's sexiest organ is the brain. To demonstrate the difference, the movie's first major set piece is a five-minute foot chase, albeit with the acrobatic stunts one associates with Hong Kong action movies.

The film is far too long, with a protracted third act pushing running time to 144 minutes. Yet the new Bond should help newcomers and older viewers rediscover what made Sean Connery's early Bond movies the best of the series.

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