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'A Good Year' reviewed


Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly
In the tepid romantic comedy/travel brochure A Good Year, Crowe plays Hugh Grant — well, he plays one of those taken-for-Granted foppish Brits who start off insufferably cocky but end up redeemably charming through a series of delightfully self-deprecating comeuppances. And the result is not A Good Look for our Maximus. His idea of marketing what passes for his delightfully self-deprecating side involves, at one point, tumbling into an empty, sunken swimming pool with no escape ladder while a pretty lady smirks (in the days before she inevitably falls for him) above. Thud.

Richard Corliss, Time Magazine
Crowe, despite his loutish rep, is forever surprising viewers by slipping snugly into the disparate characters he plays. This time he surprises by failing. Oh, he can do engaging as smartly as he does stalwart or tortured, but he gets sabotaged by the cloying script. Even before a long, agonizingly unfunny scene that Skinner spends at the bottom of an empty swimming pool, the film's desperate smile has turned into a rictus. Don't expect to be beguiled by A Good Year. That would be like trying to warm your hands at an artificial fireplace.

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