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Blue and Orange writes,


I am very interested in the truth behind the diamond industry. Will I learn more about that in the upcoming movie "Blood Diamond"? Or is the diamond culture just a backdrop for a plot that runs in a different direction?


BSR: Blood Diamond is a film about the illiegal diamond trade in Africa.  In terms of "truth" I'm not sure because this is a feature film, not a documentary, so my guess is that you'll get more of one side than the other and I have a pretty good idea what side that will be.  Nevertheless, here's something from NPR that will give you more insight into the film and the diamond industry.  For what it's worth, the diamond industry spin machine is in full effect.

Armchair critic writes,

Tut, tut. You really should see 'Flags,' MovieGoer. Its screenplay is badly flawed and it won't make my top 5 of the year but will most likely make top 10.

You don't normally weigh box office receipts into your mix when deciding whether to see a movie, so it sounds as if you're fishing for a reason not to see it! :-)

(But then I remember your prematurely closing your mind to seeing 'Memoirs of a Geisha' last year, too--another ovrehyped but 'way above average piece of filmmaking.)

BSR: Here we go again.  A discussion about another movie that was way over-hyped and totally under-performed.  Flags appears to be as satisfying as stepping into three-hour-old bathwater.  Yet, you're still claiming it as a must-see.  If you recall, I did not prematurely close my mind to Geisha.  Rather, I watched, waited, begged for someone to give me a reason to see it (other than the fact that it is a movie and I should see all movies).  I wish I saved my e-mails, because I remember you writing saying (and I'm paraphrasing) "It's not that good, but the music and the costumes are beautiful."  Frankly, if I need to mute the actors, it's not "way above average." 

Point to readers: buy the books.


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