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Political Play of the Week



ok, not really, but for those of you that have seen Jesus Camp, Reverend Ted Haggard appears in the film.  He is (now was) the leader of the 30 million National Association of Evangelicals and a vocal opponent of same sex marriage and Demcrats generally.

Haggard has now resigned as the the leader of NAE as well as from his church, the 14,000 member New Life Church in Colorado as a result of accusations from Mike Jones of Denver that Haggard paid him for monthly trysts over a three-year period.

There is a measure on the Colorado ballot this November to ban gay marriage.

MSNBC.com reports,

“Homosexual activity, like adulterous relationships, is clearly condemned in the Scriptures,” the evangelicals association says on its Web site. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin that “brings grave consequences in this life and excludes one from the Kingdom of God.”

UPDATE:  NPR is reporting that Haggard has admitted to buying methamphetamine from the man and receiving a massage from him.  But no sex.  Here's the story.

UPDATE II:  Yep, it was all true.  Here's the story.

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