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I bumped into a friend in the River Market last week.  Our conversations always turn quickly to movies.  I admitted, reluctantly, to not having seen Flags of Our Father or The Prestige.  Since that conversation, I still have not seen them.  I'm more likely to see The Prestige than Flags, but only because I'm tainted by the reviews and poor box office numbers.  That's not fair, I know.  But it is what it is.

This weekend, I'm going to see Borat.  I don't know how I'll feel about it when I leave the theatre, but I'm optimistic in the way I was optimistic about The Aristocrats.  I may laugh the entire way through it (as I did with The Aristocrats) or I may not.

Otherwise, I'm still on the lookout for Sherrybaby, Little Children and The Last King of Scotland, which have all be out in bigger markets for more than a month now.

Next week brings us Stranger than Fiction and A Good Year.  Neither will be players come Oscar season, but I'm interested in both.  Check out P. Martin's blog for some commentary about an interview he conducted with Will Ferrell.

Market Street Cinema claims be getting Babel next Friday. 


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