Will 'Flags' have to pay for its Oscar nod? | The Moviegoer

Will 'Flags' have to pay for its Oscar nod?



Here's an article in the New York Times suggesting panic at Paramount over the poor debut weekend numbers for Flags of Our Fathers

 Flags has to hope that it makes many early critics lists to encourage people to take a hard look at this film.  If that doesn't happen, Little Children, Catch a Fire, Little Miss Sunshine, Bobby, or an out-of-nowhere film like The Good Shepard or Blood Diamond could sneak in this race.

It's hard to believe that The Queen, Dreamgirls and The Departed will not be nominated for Best Picture.  Flags appeared to have a lock on a spot as well, but with poor box office results, even despite some decent reviews, that may not be the case anymore.

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