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Continuing to understand 'Flags'



David Denby is the latest critic to weigh in negatively on Flags of Our Fathers.  He writes, The movie has a fine, sensitive temper, but it lacks an emotional payoff.

It sits at 73% cream of the crop rating at  Compare that to Eastwood's last venture, Million Dollar Baby, which finished out the year with a 95% cream of the crop rating.  

If you compare Million Dollar Baby to all of the other films nominated for Best Picture that year, you find the following:

MDB  - 95%

Finding Neverland - 81%

The Aviator - 82%

Ray  - 85%

Sideways - 98%

Now take a look at other films that may be in line for Best Picture consideration this year:

The Departed - 95%

Little Miss Sunshine - 90%

The Queen - 100%

Little Children - 91%

With Babel, Dreamgirls, The Good German, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Last King of Scotland, Catch a Fire, and The Good Shepard on the way, could this movie be pushed out of the way all together?  Very doubtful, although I can't see how it's a winner without some serious publicity help a la Crash (and I'm guessing Dreamgirls gets a ton).

Mystic River had a 95% cream of the crop rating and still lost to that stupid elves movie.  So Eastwood's not invincible.

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