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I'm still hoping to make it to The Science of Sleep today at Market Street.  Just finished listening to Todd Field on Elvis Mitchell's radio show The Treatment.  I picked up the DVD of A Prairie Home Companion this weekend and watched it again.  There's some excellent commentary and the film is delightful.  It was released too early to make any noise in the awards race, although it could make a late-year charge if it's nominated for  Best Musical/Comedy at the Golden Globes.  Still has a shot at writing award as well.

"Oliver Stone" and I got into another conversation this week about how poor the first half of 2006 has been in terms of movies. "Tom Logan" weighed in as well.  I made the case again that it's been a perfectly fine first half, but that LR just isn't getting the good movies early enough.

For argument's sake, let's take a look of some of the good thus far.  Yes, there's much more good to come.

Inside Man, Thank You for Smoking, A Prairie Home Companion, Friends with Money, An Inconvenient Truth, The Devil Wears Prada, Wordplay, Down in the Valley, Miami Vice, Little Miss Sunshine, Half Nelson, The Illusionist, Hollywoodland, The Departed, Quinceanera all have screened in Little Rock.

"A Prairie Home Companion" just came on the radio.  I'm waiting on the first BCS standings to be released.  Big win for the Cardinals last night.  Game 4 tonight at 7:05 in St. Louis. 

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