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High praise for Annette Bening in 'Running with Scissors'



She's getting a lot of love from early reviews, even if the film is a bit out-there for mainstream audiences.  Writes Sean Smith for Newsweek,

At turns hilarious, vicious, gorgeous, hideous, imperious and pathetic—often in a single scene—Deirdre is the kind of flashy role that allows an actress to chew serious scenery, but Bening doesn't do it for a second. "It's all in the eyes," Burroughs says from his office in Amherst, Mass. "So often in movies, when someone is playing 'crazy' there's a lot of screaming and sobbing and falling on the floor. Think Barbra Streisand in the movie 'Nuts.' But that's not what it looks like. You look at a person who's psychotic, and her eyes are not the same. It's almost like a pupil dilation or some kind of hyperawareness. That's what Annette captures. That's the genius of her performance."

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