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Early reviews for 'The Prestige': thumbs down



Here's a surprise.  Early reviews from the trades on Christopher Nolan's (Memento, Batman Begins) latest film The Prestige starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are not very good.

Says Variety,

Clearly, director Nolan is aiming for something else. But the delight in sheer gamesmanship that marked his breakout "Memento" doesn't survive this project's gimmickry and aspirations toward "Les Miserables"-style epic passion.

Says Hollywood Reporter,

Audiences might enjoy this cinematic sleight of hand, but the key characters are such single-minded, calculating individuals that the real magic would be to find any heart in this tale. So the question is whether audiences find any emotional hook amid all this cleverness. If they do, there is nary a dull moment thanks to all the intrigue, eye-grabbing production values and behind-the-scenes look at magic tricks. That's a big "if," though, as the only likable character is played by Michael Caine as an ingeneur, a fellow who designs the illusions.

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